Now I live in Amsterdam, after having spent the last 4 years of my life in Vietnam. But for some reasons, I didn’t feel disoriented when I landed in here. To ease your next trip either to Amsterdam or Vietnam, I will demonstrate in 8 points why Amsterdam and Vietnam are a kind of same same but different.

Call it how you want it, but Xe Honda (motorbike) and fiets (bike) are a real nightmare for pedestrians. They are a kind of thugs running cities and traumatizing walkers

In Vietnam, as you spend most of your time outside, street food vendors have to make sure plastic stools are enough. While, in Amsterdam as you spend most of your time inside, first floor apartments (especially) have to look like an Ikea catalogue or a front store.

Gỏi cuốn (spring rolls) and bitterballen are the pride of both countries. But there is two things, I’ve never understood:

Why gỏi cuốn are served with a beer with a huge iceberg in it?
Why bitterballen have to be served as hot as hell?
Scenery or cliché​​​​​​​

Obsession towards ceramic tiles and bricks.
Average height

In Vietnam, people shouted at me saying “ Cao qua!!!!!!” (he’s too tall!!!!). But here I really feel like a kid who’s forgotten to grow.

Beauty standards are the perfect opposites. In Vietnam, women want to be whiter while in the Netherlands women use tanning cream (to get orangER???).


VIP Massage VS Redlight district
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